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Hello and welcome to the Shabby Road Record Show Podcast page. Here is where you can listen and download all past episodes. Enjoy!

Jun 24, 2014

What artist's record was rumored to be actually the work of Paul McCartney? What band got Ryan so tweaked he was nearly tackled by a team of security guards? Why is AD so disgusted with America? What band has a 'sedentary hitleresque keyboard player'? Hear the crazy story of a man called Dinky. What is the significance...

Jun 17, 2014

What was cool about AD's janitor? What rock star got emotional when Ryan and AD met him? What band sold out Shea stadium faster than the Beatles? What rocker has so many aliases Ryan assumes he's 'on the lamb'? What is pseudo spade?...seriously we don't know! | Like us on Facebook | visit |...

Jun 10, 2014

Ryan and AD are in Kansas City and the Newcastles are going down so nice they decide to continue the spirited conversation about their first bands. This time the topic is the first PAYING gigs. Look out..its Taco Freddie and he's got a water gun full of liquor! | Like us on Facebook | visit

Jun 3, 2014

AD and Ryan are sitting in a hotel room in Kansas City dishing out another episode of LIFERS.  This time they talk about their first bands,  how they got it together, and the inevitable first gig. Hilarity ensues as these two lifetime musicians recount the first few pivotal steps.  | Like us on Facebook |...