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Apr 27, 2015

Our 'album side celebration' series continues this week with a bona fide Shabby Road classic. It’s AD’s turn to choose and his selection takes us into another dimension. When the singer of this band witnessed his wife speaking in tongues he was inspired to write this epic. Then to put an exclamation point on the idea, he himself witnessed 7 saintly figures standing in the front yard of his house. LSD perhaps? You be the judge. But you are about to go on a trip of your own. Look out, armageddon is coming. Hold on to the one you love….| Like us on Facebook | visit | music, vinyl, 1970's, 1980's, 1960's, hard, rock, classic, metal, proto, punk,  #vinyl #classicrock #podcast #musicislife, #nowplaying, #musicianprobs,  #vinyljunkie #vinyllovers #vinylcollector #record #records #recordnerd #recordplayer #cratedigger #wax 

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