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Jun 30, 2015

Our pal Mikey Bones returns this week for more classic stories and great tunes. The mystery boxes are filled with an eclectic blend of rock and roll. Which guitarist was rumored to have be visited by Jimi Hendrix during an acid trip? Which band of both african american and caucasians blew Mikey away in the late 70’s? Mikey stole which rock star’s shoes in 1980? Which guitarist does Ryan say “sounds like he’s dropping his guitar?” Which band’s song was used for a nightclub commercial? Which band was formed by future members of Uriah Heep and Jethro Tull? All this plus Ricky’s HAL5000 | Like us on Facebook | visit | music, vinyl, 1970's, 1980's, 1960's, hard, rock, classic, metal, proto, punk,  #vinyl #classicrock #podcast #musicislife, #nowplaying, #musicianprobs,  #vinyljunkie #vinyllovers #vinylcollector #record #records #recordnerd #recordplayer #cratedigger #wax 

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