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Oct 21, 2014

The mystery is revealed, what do the initials A.D. stand for? What band toured with KISS in '76 but still couldn't break through? What should you do if you encounter a record called "Drive On"? What band rocked Tokyo the night before Cheap Trick did for "At Budokan"? What album appears to have Ringo Starr's severed head in the corner? What band got a record deal by ceasing to try to write a hit? What "power"ful album did Liz bring? All this plus Ricky’s HAL5000 | Like us on Facebook | visit | #vinyl #classicrock #podcast music, vinyl, 1970's, 1980's, 1960's, hard, rock, classic, metal, proto, punk, #musicislife, #nowplaying, #musicianprobs

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